Vaughan Summer Camp 2019


overview: Summer Camp With Swimming, Music And Art

Aquastream featuring with Allegro Academy of Music offers one of a kind summer camp program for children ages 4 to 14 years old. The Summer camp program is offered during Summer Break from July 2nd to August 9th.

Ages: 4 yrs to 14 yrs


  • Period: July 2nd – August 9th
  • Days & Time: Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm


  • Early Bird Registration (Before May 15th) $450 per week
  • Regular Registration (After May 15th): $499 per week


676 Westburne Dr, Concord, ON L4K 4V5 (905) 881-2226

Camp General Overview 

Camp activities are designed to encourage multi-sensory learning, which employs and integrate several senses at once, stimulating multiple areas of the brain. Please see below the timing and activities:

9am10am: Kindermusik

Pretend play, drama, singing, movement, language development, musical skills, expressive language, sensory awareness, fine motor movement, receptive language.

10am11am: MYC (Music for Young Children)

Introduction to musical keyboard, music notation, music theory, solfege and singing.

11am-12pm: Musical theatre

The children will experience spoken dialogue and acting in dance.

12pm-1pm: Lunchtime

Food is not included in the program due to safety measures. Please make sure that your child will bring his/her own snack.

1pm – 2pm: Arts and crafts

Kids will express themselves creatively: painting, drawing, stamping, or making cards or collages, we’ll find the perfect art project for your child.

2pm – 4pm: Sport/Activities

Swim classes based on ratio 1:3 and recreational aqua activities.
Yoga, stretching and meditation.

Our Multi Activities Camp Advantages

Expressive Language
  • Acquire new vocabulary steadily, leading to single word articulation.
  • Converse Expressions sounds babble and laughs.
Musical Skills
  • Identify the sounds of musical instruments.
  • Respond to music in a child’s own unique way.
  • Sense steady beat and move to it.
Receptive Language
  • Locate and react to sounds.
  • Display recognition of named objects and people
  • Begin to follow one-step directions
  • Repeating actions to reach a goal.

  • Investigate object in many ways.
  • Display recognition of objects, people, places, and routines.

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