MYC Policy


Important Things To Note:

  • Parent participation is mandatory for all Young Children Classes.
  • A piano/keyboard at home required for students to practice on.
  • The registration fee of $25 and 3 post-dated cheques are required to reserve your child’s space in class. Cheques must be dated 1st of each month.
  • Additional $5 discount is offered for siblings taking the class.
  • It is a Music for Young Children® policy that siblings should not be brought to class.  Having siblings sitting in, who are not part of the class, usually proves to be distracting to other students and to parents who have made other arrangements for their other children.
  • There are 35 lessons including 1 recital in the teaching year (September to June classes). The school follows school holidays at Christmas and Spring Break.
  • There are 23-24 lessons for the midterm semester.
  • 4-month notice is required to withdraw from lessons (new students cannot take your space mid-year). If you decide not to continue with lessons during the year, since your spot cannot be filled, two months of tuition fees will be withheld.
  • As a parent in class be sure to pay attention and take notes on new concepts presented to ensure maximum learning takes place for you and your child. Have fun-enthusiasm is contagious!
  • Thank you for being on time for class. We start on time whether you are present or not. When you are late you child misses out and it is disruptive to the entire class. Thank you for your help! Practice is essential to success in MYC. Students will be best prepared and experience maximum success when practice routines occur 5 times per week for the suggested duration.
  • It is also expected that your child will have your assistance. Parent participation is the Key to MYC-we appreciate you!
  • Most importantly, your child is important to us. We want them to learn music but more importantly, we want them to develop a love for music. We aim to keep in touch with you on a regular basis to monitor your child’s progress and to provide encouragement and support along the way.

Get In Touch

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Telephone: (905) 881-2226