Semi-Private Violin Classes


Course Overview

Two Student Match

Semi-private piano lessons are intended for 2 students, who are close to the same age and have a similar learning style. It is our expectation that the parent arranges a friend (the second student) to join your child in the semi-private lesson.

The Suzuki Method
  • Believe that musical ability can be developed in ALL children
  • Studies begin at a young age
  • Parents play an active role in the learning process
  • Children become comfortable with the instrument before the learning to read music.
  • Good posture (correct relationship of body to the instrument), ability to listen to both TUNE (pitch) and TONE (quality of the sound)- important for the very young student who may not yet have begun to read a language. Even an older beginner needs time to solidify the basics before the task of music reading on the instrument is presented.
  • Тechnique is thought in the content of pieces rather than through technical exercises. Children learn to speak their mother tongue by actually speaking through language- they should learn to play their instrument by actually playing REAL PIECES of MUSIC.
  • Observing another student is a great augmentation to the learning process.
Missed Classes

30 min. lessons are scheduled weekly. Both students are expected to attend. It is important to be on time. There will be no make-up lesson or refund for the missed semi-private lesson.

  • $22 per 30 minute class
  • $30 per 45 minute class

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