I am very proud of the improvement of my six years old. She has been attending Allegro for about 10 months now and she played at her birthday party and school concert without using the notes. Her teacher is very warm and caring, she put a lot of efforts to make sure that the student finds the joy in playing the instrument.

Lorna Bell


Both of my daughters are taking piano lessons with Ayshan for years. We’re all pleased with the results that my daughters got for their RCM exams.

Christine Han


My daughter takes vocal classes at Allegro Academy of Music and Art. And really appreciate getting weekly emails and feedback about Kathie’s progress. Solfeggio classes are very helpful, and I noticed her last examination mark on the technical section gone up. Good job Allegro.



Kindermusik with Miss Ayshan is fun. Love teaching, love family atmosphere at the school. The energy of Miss Ayshan and love of children is very touching.



I sighed up both my sons for piano with Mrs. Rana. I appreciate the detailed teaching. And polishing the songs. We have tried different teachers for David and I liked that Miss Rana spends time on theory, and technical part. My son loves his weekly classes and expressed his feeling to try his first examination, which makes me very happy

John Du


I appreciate everything that Ayshan is doing during Kindermusik classes. She is well prepared and finds a different approach to each child. I attended one of her open houses and sighed up with her later. Love weekly emails and updates, that means she always remembers us. Thank you for a good service.



I love that after lesson chat with you Ayshan. It feels like a family. You are always on top of your game, very understanding and want the best for my child. I appreciate the time that you give us charge free, no other person does that, it shows what a kind person you are! You love your job very much, and your passion for music and teaching is admirable. Thank you!

Marcia G


My daughter is very sensitive. When I came to school the first question Ayshan asked me was “what is your daughter’s personality like?” And I thought bingo! She offered me a free evaluation class and interview with different teachers. My daughter loves Miss Rana, they use a different repertoire, and music writing is the most enjoyable part of her lesson. Thank you, Miss Rana and Miss Ayshan.

Andrea K


The Allegro Academy is a one-stop place for all things related to art and music. From practical elements to theory, the school has something in store for both the young and the young at heart. The teachers are experienced and professional, while simultaneously caring and thoughtful. I would recommend this school to anyone interested in the arts

Amy Wang


Our son has been a student with Ayshan for over 3 years and has thoroughly enjoyed her tutelage. Ayshan has successfully and fully prepared him for practical & theory examinations and piano festivals. Her special attention to articulation and dynamics is well noted by several awards our son has received at various festivals. She strongly believes that learning music should be a fun and positive experience while at the same time encouraging daily practice, building good habits and discipline. We would definitely (and have) recommended our friends to her.

Gordon And Elizabeth


This is a wonderful music and art school! I am so glad I found the excellent and professional teachers here. My daughter Ally is getting more confident than before by the awards she received at piano festivals and examination. By Ayshan’s teaching and encouragement, I believe Ally will continue to enjoy playing piano and achieve her goal. Here is like a home, kids enjoy the music and art together with teachers, share happiness and success. I hope more and more kids join this school to make friends and have a wonderful learning experience.

Connie Zhang


What I like about all the teachers at Allegro Academy is the fresh and different approach to each child! My child has changed 3 teachers before coming to Allegro. We have been with Allegro Academy for over a year now, and extremely happy with results. The professionalism of Miss Ayshan and the questions she asked me before assigning a piano teacher to my daughter pleased me very much. I could feel that she wanted the best for my daughter. My other 2 kids are taking kindermusik classes with Miss Ayshan, and the level of preparation for each class is amazing. Two thumbs up for you Miss Ayshan, considering you have 2 children, you do your job very well!

Lisa Chan


My son has been learning piano with Ms. Ayshan since he was in Senior Kindergarten. Now he is 10 and working on RCM grade-7 piano. He was shy when he just started but he became very comfortable with Ms. Ayshan after a few classes thanks to her energy and encouragement. Ms. Ayshan has sent him to various piano competitions each year and it helped him to build up his confidence. He also learned voice from Ms. Melba, which has helped him become one of the best singers in his school choir. My son started violin this summer. At the beginning, we thought this might be too much for him. However, he seriously wanted to learn! Isn’t that what we, as parents, want from education – that our children want to learn more, instead of us forcing them to learn?! So far my son is progressing well in violin, and most importantly he has been enjoying the learning with Mr. Publo, his violin teacher. I want to thank the school and the teachers for providing the positive environment for the students, who, at school, find their potential is unlimited.

Bessie Y.


I enrolled my 3-year-old in the Sunshine program and my 5-year-old in the Sunbeam program this year. I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I am with the MYC Program and even more impressed with Mrs. Ayshan. This program has far exceeded my expectations. It’s only been 20 weeks into the program and already my 3-year-old reads and plays 16 notes on the piano. My 5-year-old already plays with both hands, is able to easily read music on the grand staff and knows how to play bridges and scales. He has memorized 10 songs already! What I really like about the Allegro Academy of Music and Art is the professionalism displayed by Mrs. Ayshan. She is always on time, very organized, structured and above all, fun! My kids love going to every music class and that is a testament to Mrs. Ayshans solid experience as a music teacher, her love of teaching and her love of children. She always has a smile on her face and you can clearly tell she enjoys teaching. I highly recommend Mrs. Ayshan and her Allegro Academy of Music and Art. This is a music academy dedicated to providing the best in music education for your children.



My child performed first time at Allegro’s recital. It was a wonderful experience not just for her, but also for me and my husband. Little things that Ayshan is doing and amount of her attention on each student make you feel appreciative. I love the family atmosphere at the school, she brings her little one to school often and parents gladly take care of her little girl. This school is a place where you want to come back; it does not feel like an institution at all, it really feels like family.


Samantha Yun


My son takes Piano and Voice lessons in this school. He loves both teachers and enjoys both classes. The Piano teacher miss Ayshan is very musical, encouraging, and responsible. She can motivate my son to try his best in her class. The vocal teacher miss Melba is also very encouraging and patient. My son is not too shy to sing out loud anymore, he feels confident about his voice after taking this class. He is also interested to be exposed to different aspects of Music training such as sight-sing, ear training, conducting, etc.. As a parent, I am impressed that the school tries their best to accommodate your schedule or to make up the class you missed for some reasons. They do care about the customer. So far we are very satisfied to come to this school.


Xiaoyan Shen


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